Laat een kind weer kind zijn!

A few years later

HOPSYG is still in Mshomoroni, a neighbourhood at the Northcoast of Mombasa, Kenya.

Our first accomodation, or maybe we should say small shed, has been evolved to our own building with playground. More than 100 children are provided with education thanks to HOPSYG, either in our project or in regular school.

For now, we are recognised in Kenya as ‘Youth Group’, but we hope to develop the daycenter to a regular primary school. In the first place, our original target (which is children from poor or one-parent families and orphans) will remain the most important, but also children coming from more wealthy families, will be admitted. However, they will have to pay school fees so the poor children can keep on going to school for free. Since the children go home every night, it is most important that parents are involved. Therefore a few small-scale initiatives have been taken the past few years. At the moment we are developing a structural project.