Laat een kind weer kind zijn!

Target audience

In Kenya a lot of social work organisations and many smaller projects are going on. Why starting another one, you might think? Fredrick and Miriam realized that there were still children falling between the cracks of the social safety net. Especially children from poor or one-parent families and orphans living with another family member. Despite free primary education, the parents still have to pay a lot of school fees such as schoolbooks, a uniform etc. This is why the children don’t get to sit at school desks. For those children HOPSYG wants to do an effort.

“I am a volunteer at preschool. Working with these little ones is really pleasant and very intense. The children have different ages and therefore need other challenges. I realise they don’t have the same opportunities as I have. However, it doesn’t leave me unaffected, when I came to face their ‘poverty’. My own children are being picked up for school every day at 7 o’clock, together with their well-stocked schoolbag. Every day, I am at ease that they will play and learn in an enjoyable and challenging way. When I arrive an hour later and a few kilometres further in my class at Mshomoroi, I seem to end up in a different world. Little children are coming from far to school on their own, a lot of them on an empty stomach and still very tired.” SARAH